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Startup in Estonia: #S2 E1 Cyber Security

Startup in Estonia podcast is back! In the second season, we are In the second season, we take a deeper dive into verticals of startups such a...
Apr 18, 2019

“Stealing fire from the gods”. Founders in Estonia and the opportunity to succeed

As readers and observers, we may sometimes get the feeling that being a successful tech founder is the only key to access the Mount Olympus of entr...
Apr 16, 2019

When the State believes in you. On Estonia as a venture capitalist

Mister K. had to wander relentlessly before finding the right door. The corridors of the court offices looked like a labyrinth, a perfect represent...
Apr 5, 2019

SmartCap – Investing local, thinking global. Interview with Sille Pettai

Botany and entrepreneurship have a lot in common. From seed stage to full bloom, lives of startups and plants share development paths that go beyon...
Mar 25, 2019

Riik investeerib kõrgtehnoloogilistesse iduettevõtetesse 10 miljonit eurot

Veebruari lõpus sõlmisid Majandus- ja kommunikatsiooniministeerium, KredEx ja SmartCap kauaoodatud kokkuleppe. Sellega eraldab riik 10 miljonit eur...
Mar 15, 2019

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